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Yoshi Copper Grill and Bake Mat (2 Pack)

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Copper infused, non-stick mat cooks food evenly and keeps grill clean
  • No hot spots or flare ups
  • Non-stick foods slide right off
  • Reusable and reversible

Product description

If you love the taste of fresh grilled food but hate the mess of grilling, you’ll love this Yoshi Copper Grill Mat. Simply lay the mat down on the grill’s grate so nothing falls through the cracks. You can grill flakey fish that’s easy to flip with perfect grill marks. Sauces stay on the meat and out of the flames. Make burgers that won’t crumble and toasted buns that don’t burn. You can also use it to grill veggies like onions, peppers, and mushrooms without having them fall through the grate — you can even use them for baking in the oven. You'll love cooking with copper because it heats quickly and evenly to make sure all your homemade meals are delicious.