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Gator Grip - Universal Socket Wrench

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Gator Grip Self adjusting universal socket, power drill adapter and reversable ratchet

The Gator Grip self adjusting universal socket with automatic standard and metric application is so easy to use that it is used by the everyday consumer as well as in the trades. One socket replaces a tool box full of tools,saves a great deal of time and lightens the load of having to carry a complete tool box. The ability to work on all shapes and sizes up to 3/4" standard and 19mm metric as well as being able to handle those rusted and damaged heads solves just about any problem you will encounter when having to use a socket, plier ar wrench.Always the right size socket

  • Gator Grip a self adjusting universal socket, Self adjusts from 1/4"-3/4" standard and 7mm-19mm metric and has automatic standard and metric application. It's torque is over 125 foot pounds of power. Gator Grip replaces a tool box full of tools.
  • Gator Grip works on all shape and size fasteners,except a perfectly round head, just file and edge and the socket will grip. Gator Grip especailly works on rusted and damaged heads. Gator Grip works on over 1000 shapes and sizes.
  • The 1/4" power drill adapter included in the kit allows you to use Gator Grip on a power drill
  • Gator is the last socket you will ever need