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Mighty Toothbrush Holder

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MC009 Blue
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The Mighty Toothbrush Holder is a stylish and sleek bathroom accessory that combines a toothbrush holder, razor rack, jewellery dish and compact shower caddy all in one. It uses special silicone technology so it can affix to shiny, unbroken surfaces without the need for adhesives, permanent mounts or suction caps.

Main Features:

  • The self-adhesive storage organizer set combines toothbrush holdershaver and jewelry bowl in one
  • Easy installation: simply press on shiny surfaces such as glass, marble, metal and tiles and you're done!
  • Versatile: great for home, travel, hotels, gyms etc.
  • Material: silicone
  • Environmentally friendly: reusable and machine washable

Organize Your Bathroom Better!